Life is too short to live, enjoy pleasure by yourself.

Hi everybody, today i stand here to deliver my speech again, and it’s my honor to share my experience and atiitude tward the life. So i am very glad to discuss the topic about finding my way to life.

I divide my speech into three parts. First, i wanna intoduce myself again,and then i wanna share my experience ,and last, i get the conclusion of this topic.

My name is Xumei,and now my major is Journalism and communication. I graduate in Changchun University of Technology, when i was in undergraduate courses, i studied the Advertising. So when i graduated in last year ,i diceided to find the practice in Shanghai. I stayed there for 4 months, even though Y&R is belonging to the top of five hundred of the world,and more, i learned a lot konwledge and skill on AE, i feel lonely in Shanghai called Majic city, i am not very happy there,so at the end of practice,i quit my job and continue to prepare my text (i mean chinese master degree entance examination).

Comepared this practice in Shanghai, i changed my attitude tward the life.Therefore, when i finished the text, i planed a short-time travel and started then.To tell the truth it is really amazing during the travel time. I started from the Changchun,then took the flight to Beijing and gather with my partner there. We went through the Inner Mongolia,Ningxia,Gansu,Qinghai by train, and finally we arrived at Tibet and Xinjiang.We met the development of cities and beautiful scenery,it’s really amazing and excited for this travel toward the west of China.We learned the diffirent social customs and habits beween the diffirent city in China. From this travel, i also learned how to cut the cost and cooperate with my partner. At last, i find my way in life.

So,i wanna adress the importance of our thinking,just the same as my title, “ Life is too short to live, enjoy pleasure by yourself timely.” we don’t know what will be happened tommrrow, and we cannot predictad exactly what will be shown for our life. So just be happy and be clearly know what u wanna do in our life and cherish our time day by day.Do not hesitate and waste your own time.

That’s all ,thank u for your listening.


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